Talent Development Program

Our aim is to identify, improve and support the skills and talents of our kids with the help of expert teachers. The kids don’t spend their whole day in one class. On the contrary, they rotate among the classes fully equipped for each subject area.

YOGA : we start the day with yoga. Mini Yoga Project is especially designed for kindergartens, child care centers and clubs having students of 5-12 year olds.

HANDCRAFTS : In our special class an expert teacher gives the lesson. She helps kids to discover their own skills and improve them through art, models, ceramics, wood painting, puppets, fabric painting, marbled painting, etc.

MUSIC : We try to bring the feeling of rythm into the picture, support it, and enable the kids to identify different sounds

DRAMA : We try to bring the kids’ creativity into picture, encourage them more, do activities to improve their mimics, gestures, and intonation

BALLET / DANCE : With the help and guidance of our teachers, students will have healthy and well-built bodies, they learn to lead their energy into proper activities, such as rhythm, ballet, stretching, and dance.

MOVEMENT AND COORDINATION : With this education, kids learn how important sport is for a healthy life, and they start to think of a sport to do.

STEM : Various education programs such as High Scope (active learning) which consists of experiments, field trips, grouping, matching, concepts and working with numbers, Gems (Science-Math), Scamper (Thinking from different points of view), and Reggio Emilia (Learning through experience) guide us in these lessons.

GAMES : planned and free games such as repairing, doing puzzles, climbing, etc are part of Active Learning System. These games are very effective in learning.

GARDEN TIME : We believe that in all weather conditions, it is okay to go out if you wear appropriate clothes. That’s why we play enjoyable games every day in the garden.

SPANISH CLASS : Native speakers teach our kids through effective methods that help kids to keep the info in their long-term memories. Music, drama, dance, and art lessons are also given in both languages. Native-speaker teachers help in those classes.

CULINARY ACTIVITIES : This activity gives opportunity for introducing various concepts. Our children work in small groups and initially get acquainted with the kitchen materials; then the activity continues with combining different ingredients to achieve different flavors. Attention is paid to the presentation.