Education Programs

In our school, we take the developmental issues of the children into consideration and use a combination of several techniques suitable for that age level.

High-scope (active learning): Active learning is defined as experiencing; it is the children interpreting their own experiences to develop new ideas and concepts.

Scramper (different thinking methods): It is a different thinking method; it helps to improve the skills to think differently, to use imagination and intuition.

Gems (Math-science&nature): It is a high-quality, flexible program that brings effective science and math activities to the classroom.

Reggio Emilia (Project-based learning): Reggio Emilia approach is an educational practice that enables the child to be active and use his present knowledge with the new information.

Kindergarten Program

It is preparation for basic education:

Language/STEM studies:

Science and Math activities



Putting in order


Observation on sightseeing tours

Graphic studies