Owner's Letter

My Joyful House is established in North Miami in 2023, educating children ages 3 to 6 and serving as the pioneer and unique talent development center.

Our school is established for recognizing, developing, and guiding the talents that children are born with that diminish over time because of not being noticed. We fulfill this task with the help of professional educational staff and with an education program that constantly changes and evolves over time.

The ultimate goal of our school is to raise the children in a loving trustworthy environment, make them feel happy within the social group, mold them as self-confident, responsible individuals who are sensitive both to themselves and their surroundings.

Our educational program utilizes these programs: Gems (Science and math), Scamper (different thinking methods), Reggio Emilia (Project-based learning), and High Scope (active learning) methods. In correlation with the education model we're shaping, we implement mother tongue activities, science-nature activities, play activities, and preparatory reading & writing exercises. Moreover, we use musical activities, drama, and dance in a rotating manner to support the holistic growth of the student as well as recognize and develop his/her skills and talents in concept classrooms.

Yours sincerely,
Yaprak Veziroglu & Nese Erberk